Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a franchise?

Answer: No, there is no franchise that you need to buy. You are buying our inexpensive Starter Kit!


What is a Starter Kit?

Answer: It consists of a step-by-step full manual showing you all you need to know to build your own Bench Advertising Business, Junior-Billboard Business, and Bulletin-Billboard Business. The manual includes blueprints, land lease agreements, sales agreements, and over 100 pages in seventeen chapters that include all you need to know for each of the above business opportunities. Also included is my 30 years of knowledge in the industry!



Where do I put these Bus BenchAds or Billboards?

Answer: The minimum amount of time your advertiser will be able to advertise is 30 – 60 days on the Junior-Billboards or 6 to 12 months on the BenchAds, and 12 to 36 months on the Bulletin-Billboards. Any one of the above opportunities will give you a lot of extra time. You will be to cover a 2-hour radius of your home. Most billboard and benchad companies cover a 15 county area. This is a lot of potential area for you!


Does your starter-kit show me how to build these?

Answer: Yes…we provide you with blueprints, illustrations, diagrams, etc. The BenchAds or Junior-Billboards are not difficult to build, the Bulletin-Billboard, however, is another matter. Because of its size, you may want a sign company to install it. It is not uncommon to locate a prime location, obtain a land property lease with the owner, obtain the city and state permits, locate several advertisers, and then build your large bulletin-board! Actually, with the two advertisers’ signed sales agreements, you could go to the bank and borrow against the paper. This strategy may also be used for the BenchAds or Junior-Billboards which cost substantially less to build.


I thought outdoor billboards had zoning regulations!

Answer: They do! Before 1965, outdoor billboards and signs were under little restrictions and were put up everywhere thus creating a visual mess in many areas. Also, since there were so many, it drove the prices down! Now building codes and zoning regulations control what size sign is allowed, in which zoning areas, how close they can be placed to another structure, etc.

The state, county and communities, towns or cities each have their own regulations. Some communities do not allow them. Many others allow them but under their regulations. The bus Benches (which provide a service to their community) and Junior-Billboards, due to their smaller size are accepted in more communities than the larger standardized billboards.

The outdoor advertising industry is glad to see some form of regulations over billboards. Just like a housing contractor has building regulations, covering how they may build a home. Your Starter-Kit has a chapter on how to work with and understand zoning regulations.