Business Opportunities

  •   Start Your Own Bus Bench Advertising Business
    Do you know they cost less than  $200.00 to make, yet your customers will pay you over $100.00 per-month; $1,200.00 per year, for each bench to advertise on! Ten (10) benches would cost approximately $ 2000.00 to make and approximately $12,000.00 income per year. For a $2000.00 investment … you could earn $12,000.00 per year! That is less than 6 months ROI and most of it profit. You could build 1 for $200.00 or imagine the income from 100 … well you get the idea!

You have probably seen them somewhere in your daily driving or when you were on a trip. Bus Benches with advertisements on them. Each placed at a busy intersections, in front of a supermarket, at a shopping mall and along busy streets or bus routes!

You  probably could put up hundreds within a 2-hour drive radius of your residence right now… Click (LEARN MORE) for complete information. Or (ORDER NOW !!)

  •   Start Your Own Junior-Billboard Advertising Business
    One company in the U.S. has over 9,000 Junior-Billboards and they rent for over $250.00 each, per-month!Junior-Billboards tuck away neatly in neighborhoods that are not suited for the larger displays. Because of their smaller size, Junior-Billboards are accepted in many communities that do not otherwise allow billboards!They come in a kit form that cost approximately $400.00 and only take  3 hours to  assemble. Once installed you have a potential income source for many years! Your ROI is under 6 months. You could probably put up  hundreds within a 2-hour drive radius of your residence right now…Click (LEARN MORE) for complete information! Or (ORDER NOW !!)
  •   Start Your Own Bulletin-Billboard Advertising Business
    Located primarily on major highways, expressways or principal traffic arterials, these giant Bulletin-Billboards are the prestige signs of the outdoor industry.

It is not uncommon to find advertisers paying over $2000.00 per side. Since the majority of Bulletin-billboards are double sided (advertisers on both sides) that one location can bring in over $4000.00 per-month. Click (LEARN MORE) for complete information! Or (ORDER NOW !!)