Build Your Own Junior-Billboard Advertising Business

You can own a new Junior-Billboard, like the one in the photo, built and installed for under $700.00..AND make $250.00 monthly from your advertisers! That is a ROI of less than four months and amazingly do you know their asset value would be over $2400.00. One company in the US has over 9,000 of  these unique 6′ x 12′ Junior-Billboards and they rent for over $250.00 per-month!

Gannett Co (owners of USA TODAY newspaper) owned over 41,000 Billboards until they sold them to Outdoor Systems for $960,000,000.00

No, I am not selling a franchise or a business opportunity for hundreds of dollars! I am however, offering to share with you the secrets of this fascinating industry! For about the cost of you and your family going to a movie, dinner included, you could purchase my new starter kit showing you how to step-by-step build your own Junior-Billboard Business.

You are reasonably protected, knowing this is a industry with proven results. I have always been told if I want to make real money, to do what the big boys in business do! Ted Turner (TBS, CNN); 3-M Corp.; Rupert Murdoch (FOX Network, Direct TV); they either currently are or have been, some of the Nation’s largest billboard owners. And don’t forget about Viacom (CBS Television, Paramount  Pictures) they own over 180,000 billboards…point is this industry makes serious money, is growing and offers a business opportunity you should seriously consider!

I have been in the billboard industry for over 30 years. I have also built and owned three billboard companies. For over 30 years I have assembled a wealth of information about the billboard industry!

Junior-Billboards tuck away neatly in neighborhoods that are not suited for the larger displays. Because of their smaller size (6’x12′ i.e. 72 sq. ft). Junior-Billboards are accepted in many communities that do not otherwise allow billboards. Actually I would speculate that within 2 hour drive radius of your residence you have the ability to build hundreds of these unique poster panels! There are many communities, small towns or cities whose ordinance allow Junior-Billboards, yet there are none!

  These standardized Junior-Billboards are located throughout America and some overseas. The advertising design is pasted on the face of each poster panel with a series of printed paper sheets. There are numerous printing companies which will create the design and print the billboard paper. Thirty to sixty days is the normal display period. Also some advertisers prefer one location for a year or more.

Junior-Billboards work for anyone who has a service, product or idea to sell. Junior-Billboards are a excellent medium and their size puts them low and closest to the street. Closer to the viewer, they deliver sustained impact for a full 30  or 60 days…not just one day ore one minute or thirty seconds, and in full color! Junior-billboards place advertising where people buy. Liquor posters near liquor stores, food posters near supermarkets, soft drink advertisements near convenience stores, sometimes right on the walls of the outlets. In locations unavailable to larger billboards.

  The minimum rental period is 30 days that your client’s ad will be up, many contract for longer advertising periods. This gives you the opportunity to cover a much larger market area. It is not uncommon for a billboard company to have locations (billboards) in at least 15 counties!

The Junior-Billboard panel  arrives in a kit form. Their all metal, approximately 140 lb assemble on the ground in about 3 hours! They are then hung on a wooden or metal pole about 12′ off the ground. The majority of Junior-Billboards are back to back, simply meaning you have advertisers on both sides and visible to traffic traveling in both directions. Also many Junior-Billboards are back-to-back stacked, simply meaning you have 2  poster panels (or advertisers) on each side with one location with 4 advertisers. The price customers pay varies across America, between $150.00 to $225.00.

My comprehensive starter kit will further answer the questions above. The starter kit will help guide you through the procedures and steps of building and owning your own Junior-Billboard business. This starter kit includes my new manual with illustrations, photos and seventeen valuable chapters of fascinating information and direction.

You receive blank land lease agreements, leasing forms, sales agreements, blueprints, suppliers names and information, sales literature, sample ordinances, Traffic count guide, Materials needed, copies of rate cards.

Chapters include:
“How to build your own Junior-Billboard Co.”
“How to locate prime billboard locations:
“Understanding Zoning Codes”
“Building the Structure”

… plus twelve more informative chapters. Over 100 pages!

This starter kit is a must if you, the entrepreneur, want to earn more money, have more free time and increase your personal assets. If you already own your own business here is another income source, plus a free advertising source you own!

In one year you will either say you were  glad you purchased the kit, or you will wish you had!!

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