Secrets Revealed – Build your own, and …

I’ll show you the secrets of this fascinating and highly profitable outdoor advertising industry. I’ll show you how to start your own bench advertising or Junior-Billboard advertising business from your home office. More importantly, I can show you how to make money!

These small esthetically accepted Junior-Billboards are allowed in many towns & cities that their larger counterparts are not. They cost less than $700.00 built and installed. You can earn up to $250.00 per-month! How many investments do you know of that the ROI is less than 4 months?

Do you know how little they cost to build & how much profit they can make….Gannett (USA TODAY), CBS Television network, Murdoch (FOX NETWORK) and Ted Turner (TBS & CNN) know! They either currently are or have been some of the nations largest billboard owners!

Before I turned 42, I was a multi-millionaire! I have over 30 years experience in the billboard and bus bench advertising industry. I will share with you my knowledge and  help you  discover the methods of building your own. The opportunity is yours!

To my knowledge, NO ONE has ever shared  the secrets of these unique and fascinating business opportunities. At last, with my starter kit you will have the valuable information and knowledge to build your own, now!

Interestingly, one company on the west coast owns 30,000 advertising benches and they rent for $ 100.00 per-month-each…Imagine…do the math!

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